August 12th, 2023

Brittany and Alexanders wedding day showed a forecast of ran all day, while they were getting ready at their hotel you could see all the clouds pouring in through the windows.

We were nervous but took on the day no matter what the weather gave. Right before Brittany and Alexanders first look at the DIA the sun started to peek through the clouds and all the weather apps showed no more rain.

So many tears of joy were shed on this day. These two High school sweethearts finally had their wedding day after so many talks about it when they were just kids.

Being able to capture this day for Brittany and Alexander after watching their love grow though the years was truly so incredible, during their ceremony i definitely shed a few tears.

You can truly see how their love shines though these images and how excited not only Brittany and Alexander were but also their friends and family were for this day to be here.





The Rooster tail Detroit | Brittany & Alexander

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